Abraham Esau's war (Folmer), R 20.00

Skrywer: Bill Nasson
ISBN: 9780864861924
Prys: R 20.00
Kode: 4633
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The South African War (1899-1902) is no longer treated as a 'white man's war' by historians. Black South Africans were drawn into service by both sides, and the war affected black communities in a variety of complex ways. Dr. Bill Nasson has written a closely focused regional study of the conflict in the Cape Colony, describingthe dramatic participation of black people in the conduct of the war, and their subsequentexclusion from the fruits of peace.
The Abraham Esau of the title, a patriotic coloured artisan, was murdered by Boer guerillas. Dr. Nasson sets the conflict in the context of Cape political culture and social life at the turn of the century. This is a major to South African and imperial history.