Assessment in the Foundation Phase, R 255.00

Skrywer: Mariana Naude & Reda Davin
ISBN: 9780627034947
Prys: R 255.00
Kode: 0845
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The South African curriculum has experienced many changes since 1994.
There was outcomes-based education (also known as Curriculum 2005), then the Revised National Curriculum Statements, followed by the National Curriculum Statements (NCS).
In January 2012, Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) were introduced to replace the NCS.
All these changes have been confusing to the average teacher, with the assessment of the young learner being particularly challenging.
Assessment in the Foundation Phase guides teachers and student teachers towards understanding assessment as a means for ensuring that learners have attained the necessary outcomes,
and doing it effectively for optimal teaching and learning.
Assessment in the Foundation Phase sets out recommended techniques and tools to assess learners’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, and applies these to all subjects prescribed by CAPS.
Its goal is to inspire teachers to prepare learners to meet the challenges of future learning through quality assessment and in so doing, support learners in gaining the capacity for lifelong learning.
A chapter on e-assessment introduces a useful perspective on this burgeoning field.