Believe that all can achieve 2nd ed, R 410.00

Skrywer: Juan Bormann, Jill Rose
ISBN: 9780627034336
Prys: R 410.00
Kode: 1717
Kies Hoeveelheid:  
Every learner and every teacher is a unique blend of personal characteristics and background factors that change with time and context,
and affect the experience of living and developing.
Traditionally, the education of children with disabilities focused on the nature of specific conditions in an attempt to alleviate barriers to learning.
The disability, and not the impact of the impairment on participation at school or at home, was emphasised.
The current focus is on the strengths, attitudes and positive functioning of children within meaningful contexts.
Believe that all can achieve addresses inclusion as the foundation for education in an attempt to celebrate diversity in the classroom,
to capitalise on the strengths each learner brings to the learning–teaching dyad,
and to welcome every family member as part of the broader classroom community.