Child and youth misbehaviour in SA 4th, R 310.00

Skrywer: Christiaan Bezuidenhout
ISBN: 9780627036057
Prys: R 310.00
Kode: 0894
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Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa addresses the complex and poorly understood phenomenon of youth misbehaviour.
It discusses and analyses various theories on the nature and causes of deviant behaviour, and assesses them critically with regard to their applicability to South Africa.
The book presents the relevant legal processes pertaining to young people, and reinforces theoretical explanations with research and real-world examples.
The female youth offender is also discussed in depth in this edition.
Contents include the following:
· The difficulty in demarcating the position of children in South Africa
· The complex diversity in the various ethnic and racial groupings in South Africa
· The local risk factors and international influences associated with youth misbehaviour
· The effective processing and treatment of youthful offenders by the South African criminal justice system
· Preventive measures based on constitutional guidelines
Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa is aimed at enabling both practitioners and students to address the plight of the South African youth in a
constructive way so they can become part of creating a safer South Africa for all its people.