Curriculum Studies: Develop, 2th edition, R 20.00

Skrywer: Booyse C & Du plessis, E
ISBN: 9780627031168
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Educators are faced with more challenges today than ever before.
Besides being an interpreter and implementer of the curriculum, teachers need to understand legislation, prescribed policies and approaches to curriculum development.
They have to be able to analyse existing learning programmes and resource material in order to prepare instructional designs with effective teaching, learning and assessment in mind.
Curriculum studies: development, interpretation, plan and practice offers sound, detailed and practical direction with reference to the CAPS to help educators develop effective
teaching and learning programmes.
Curriculum studies: development, interpretation, plan and practice narrows the gap between curriculum plan, instructional design and teaching practice.
The views of Tyler, Stenhouse and Freire serve as a theoretical grounding for a deeper understanding of the teacher’s role as interpreter of the curriculum.
Reference is also made to the influence of contextual aspects, personal views and knowledge about curriculum interpretation.

Contents include the following:
The theoretical framing of curriculum development.
Influences on the teacher’s interpretation of the curriculum.
Curriculum design and the influence of policy documents on interpretation and implementation. Practical guidance in putting curriculum plans into teaching practice.
Curriculum studies: development, interpretation, plan and practice is aimed at teachers in the general education and training (GET) and further education and training (FET) sectors.