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Since 1994, there have been few attempts to address the theoretical and practical foundations of effective management in early childhood development (ECD)
and the foundation phase in South African schools, yet the survival and success of ECD centres and schools depends on the ability
of education managers to meet the needs of the children/learners, educators, parents and the community.
Education management in early childhood development provides a comprehensive overview of the management of ECD centres for children from birth to nine years old.
This book is a resource and reference guide which includes amongst others Internet sources and templates such as inventories,
financial planning, parents' newsletters and agendas of staff meetings. It focuses especially on the South African context by referring to appropriate examples and scenarios of
real-life situations in this country as well as the newly introduced Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).
It also offers practical applications for the many theoretical frameworks in South African schools.
All the chapters in this second edition have been updated, and each one begins with learning outcomes and key terms.
Education management in early childhood development is aimed at student teachers, educators, administrators and child caregivers.