First steps in reseach 2de ed, R 365.00

Skrywer: K Maree
ISBN: 9780627033698
Prys: R 365.00
Kode: 1051
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Kontak Form
First steps in research facilitates the understanding and application of theories, goals, methods and strategies,
being easy to read and use without diluting the conceptual and terminological complexities of the field.
It examines the historical and philosophical underpinnings of qualitative, quantitative and integrated or mixed methods of conducting research and suggests
how these three approaches may best be used. It also elaborates on the methodological dimensions of action research processes and exemplifies participatory reflection.
Contents include the following:
• Formulating a research question
• Planning a research proposal
• Conducting a preliminary literature review
• Ethical considerations
• Interpreting data
• Data collection methods, including how to engage participants and elicit “thick” data
• Sampling methods
• Graphical ways of representing data
• Basic probability rules
• Basic statistical methods and tests/techniques
First steps in research is aimed at novice researchers, including undergraduate students or junior postgraduate students who are encountering research methodology for the first time.