Gr 3 Maths manual (CAPS), R 55.00

Skrywer: Maths made easy
ISBN: 9781920553234
Prys: R 55.00
Kode: 0187
Kies Hoeveelheid:  
Maths made easy, grade 3, is part of a series of books for the subject Mathematics.
The series forms part of a unique Christian curriculum that consists of textbooks,workbooks and teacher's manuals.
The contents of this book complies to the curricular guidelines with regards to time allocation, progression, and integration with otheer subjects.
Themes are relevant to the learner's world and are expanded by activities and exercises in the workbooks.
Aros books are revised and updated continuosly to comply with curricular requirements. These books are current, easy to understand and written child-friendly.