Help, I'm a student Teacher!, R 390.00

Skrywer: LP Louw, ER du Toit
ISBN: 9780627033612
Prys: R 390.00
Kode: 1305
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Help, I'm a student teacher! focuses on practical applications that will assist student teachers to develop those skills that are essential for effective teaching in the 21st century.
Assignments, activities and exercises test knowledge and abilities in the actual school environment, while hints and tips promote successful implementation.
Contents include the following:
Understanding the education landscape in South Africa
Interpreting national education policy documents
The personal attributes of an "ideal" teacher
Classroom management and the facilitation of lessons
Effective use of modern educational media
Mentorship in practice
Lesson planning
Help, I'm a student teacher! is aimed at student teachers in all phases, as well as beginner teachers and mentors who have to lead and guide student teachers or beginner teachers.