Introducing Children's Literature, R 325.00

Skrywer: Rinelle Evans, Ina Jouber ea
ISBN: 9780627036439
Prys: R 325.00
Kode: 0846
Kies Hoeveelheid:  
Much has been written about children’s literature as a genre, but very little material exists on how to use it in diverse South African classrooms
where teachers prepare young learners in literacy skills.
Introducing children’s literature equips the prospective teacher with a strong theoretical introduction to the genre and details how children can be encouraged to become enthusiastic readers.
This books also provides insight into
• the developmental stages of a child
• the history of South African literature, with particular reference to the oral tradition
• the role of the adult in establishing a reading culture
• practicalities of introducing stories and literature to children in different phases from diverse contexts
• the use of illustrations and technology to enhance other literacies
• techniques of storytelling and selecting appropriate texts
• the influence of the hidden curriculum in terms of moral development, stereotyping, sanitising and representation.