Learner support in a diverse Classroom 2de ed., R 520.00

Skrywer: Mirna Nel, Norma Nel, A Hugo
ISBN: 9780627034350
Prys: R 520.00
Kode: 1708
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In building an equitable and quality education system, South Africa has embraced an inclusive education approach in which the needs of all learners must be accommodated.
This move has placed increasing pressure on teachers to adapt their instruction, the curriculum and the classroom environment to increase
learner involvement and to minimise the exclusion of those learners who experience barriers to learning.
Against this backdrop, Learner support in a diverse classroom provides a good balance between the theoretical knowledge needed to understand
what takes place when a child learns, and the hands-on provision of assessment and support for the learner.
In particular, Learner support in a diverse classroom offers insight into
· the principles and theory underpinning inclusive education
· the practical challenges of inclusive education
· extrinsic and intrinsic barriers to learning
· learning and learning difficulties
· inclusive assessment and learning support processes and practices (including the Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support [SIAS] policy)
· language constructs and limited language proficiency
· differentiated teaching and learning
· perceptual development
· school readiness for formal learning
· practical strategies for language and mathematics support

This important resource offers both creative solutions and solid foundations to any teacher wishing to bring out the best from all their learners.