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Life Orientation in the Senior and Further Education and Training phases (called Life Skills in the Intermediate Phase) is a compulsory school subject. The purpose of this subject is to empower learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential. It is thus obvious that it is a crucial subject to develop and support learners to become fully functional individuals and responsible citizens of a democratic society, able to cope with life and all the challenges it presents. Life Orientation for South African teachers is a comprehensive textbook on the subject of Life Orientation as stated in the curriculum policy documents. Life Orientation for South African teachers provides educators with in-depth knowledge as well as teaching skills to deal with the wide variety of themes within the subject. Besides a theoretical foundation there are case studies, reflective questions and activity boxes to assist with practical application of the topics covered in each chapter. Contents include the following: • Human rights and values • Religion studies in education • Cultural diversity • Lay counselling • Behavioural issues: aggression and violence • Healthy living • Sexuality education • Life skills • Resilience • Relationships • Wellness through indigenous knowledge • Child abuse • Careers • Study skills • Pedagogical and assessment issues pertaining to Life Orientation