Life skills and assets 2de ed, R 20.00

Skrywer: Eloff Ebersohn
ISBN: 9780627026270
Prys: R 20.00
Kode: 1143
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In this edition of the publication, the authors explore practices of proven worth and challenging contexts for interventions.
On the theoretical side, the title examines how life skills and assets are widely used in current discourses in psychology and education.
Links with positive psychology, resiliency theory, inclusive education policies and practices, and indigenous knowledge systems, are explored.
On a practical level, it illustrates the application of the life skills programme in group interventions with diverse participants.
It also presents examples of the asset-based approach in research and practice. Contextually,
the challenges of identifying, accessing and mobilising strengths and assets in a milieu characterised by vulnerable children, HIV and Aids, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy are described.