Literature and language teaching: a, R 20.00

Skrywer: G Lazer
ISBN: 9780521406512
Prys: R 20.00
Kode: 1077
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Literature and Language Teaching is for teachers and trainers who want to incorporate literature into the language classroom.
It is suitable for teacher trainers, teacher development groups or teachers working on their own.
This book contains tasks and activities which encourage reflection on some of the issues and debates involved in using literature in the language classroom and
explore different approaches to using literature with teenage and adult learners at all levels.
It suggests criteria for selecting and evaluating materials for classroom use and identifies some of the distinctive features of novels, short stories, poems and plays so that these
can be successfully exploited in the classroom. A wide range of practical ideas and activities for developing materials is provided.
Tasks also encourage the observation and assessment of lessons using literacy texts, and draw on English language material by a variety of authors from all over the world.