Music in Early Childhood & Foundation + CD, R 470.00

Skrywer: Anet le Roux
ISBN: 9780620712095
Prys: R 470.00
Kode: 1771
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This book deals with the learning and teaching of Music in South Africa. It will focus on the specific place of Music as part of outcomes-based education, as well as on the music needs of the young child (0-9 years). The material focuses on whole-brain learning, and therefore the different sections are planned accordingly. Listening, thinking, talking and writing activities and self assessment tasks occur throughout. By being actively involved in the learning process you will gain knowledge, skills and a positive attitude towards stimulating children through music. This book is accompanied by a CD: “Sing along with Smile”. The CD will assist you in your mastering of the practical skills involved.” From “Music in Early Childhood Development” 2017 edition