Philosophy of Education today, R 210.00

Skrywer: Philip Higgs & Jane Smith
ISBN: 9781485122401
Prys: R 210.00
Kode: 1763
Kies Hoeveelheid:  
What is the aim of education in the 21st century? Is it to search for truth, to improve the human condition,
or to bolster a country’s economy and meet the workforce needs of the state?
Or should the aim of education be focused on social, academic, cultural and intellectual development so that young people can grow up to be engaged and critical citizens?
These very searching questions – questions about the nature of education – are the concern of a particular area of philosophy: philosophy of education.
In Philosophy of Education Today the authors explore the various responses provided by different philosophies of education to these questions,
and discuss the ways in which different philosophies influence education and how education is understood.
The interactive nature of the text encourages readers to reflect critically on the various philosophies of education discussed and
come to an understanding of what education might mean to them and their community.