Practical Guidelines for Novice Teachers, R 490.00

Practical Guidelines for Novice Teachers
Skrywer: Rinelle Evans
ISBN: 9781485125099
Prys: R 490.00
Kode: 2103
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The day-to-day complexities of teaching in South African classrooms are particularly challenging for novice teachers. Although equipped with knowledge and competencies from their years of study, often there is a gap between what few teachers know and how to apply that knowledge in a ‘real’ classroom. Practical Guidelines for Novice Teachers bridges some of these theory–practice gaps and aims at providing teachers with skills to remain motivated, professional and successful during their first years in the classroom. The authors are experienced teachers, who take the readers through the various critical aspects of teaching, giving practical advice based on their own classroom experiences. They tackle a wide range of aspects, including African perspectives on teaching, looking after your finances as a teacher, and dealing with sensitive curriculum topics.