Teaching & Learning History & Geography, R 545.00

Skrywer: A Gologhtly
ISBN: 9780627035029
Prys: R 545.00
Kode: 0969
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History and Geography are dynamic and diverse disciplines, but disciplines that have always displayed integrative abilities and potential
because human actions in spaces and places matter in both. In History, the human past concerns time and space.
In Geography, space and spatiality dominate and can include humanity. Teaching and learning History and Geography in the South African classroom is the first textbook to consider
History and Geography as interconnected disciplines in the South African education context.
This book guides readers through developments in the History and Geography fields, new focus areas and some refreshed teaching and learning possibili-ties unlocked by technology.
Drawing on prodigious research, experts in these fields impart recommendations for teaching, understanding, learning and assessing these subjects purposefully.
Contents include the following:
• Teaching controversial issues in History
• Decolonising History in South Africa through local and regional histories
• Cognitive development strategies within the History classroom
• Enhancing History teaching through the integration of technology
• Mapping and maps (including the use of Google maps, GIS and GPS in the Geography classroom)
• Education for sustainable development
• Teaching and learning possibilities, styles and strategies in History and Geography Education
• Indigenous knowledge systems and Africanisation in relation to Geography teaching and learning
• Field work excursions
• Classroom-based performance assessment
Teaching and learning History and Geography in the South African classroom is aimed at educators and prospective educators in the Social Sciences, History and Geography programmes.