Will my children go to heaven (Folmer), R 5.00

Skrywer: Edward N Gross
ISBN: 9780875522463
Prys: R 5.00
Kode: 4474
Kies Hoeveelheid:  
Does God love my children?
Does his Word reveal his desire to save them?
Can my prayers and actions really make a difference in their lives?
Are the hearts' desires of Christian parents more than mere wishful thinking?
If you've wrestled with such questions, you're not alone. Edward N. Gross has faced those questions too - as a parent,pastor, and seminary teacher.
And he's found God's answer to be a resounding yes!
In this inspiring look at the promises of God, Dr. Gross not only gives the Christian parents valuable help in the most crucial aspects of their roles,
but also provides encouragement to moms and dads who struggle with doubts or a sense of failure.